Nirvana Spiritual Farm

Olive groves & Orchards

Walk through over 300 trees including olive groves and orchards.

Natural & Officinals Herbs

Over 30 categories of wild medicinal herbs.

Happy Hens

Organic Veggies

Nirvana Spiritual Farm is a small family farm located in Cyprus. 

Our “Nirvana” name is for “Paradise”, indicative of our commitment to working in peace and balance with Nature & its spiritual power. 

We strive to keep the environment clean and healthy, to build soil life naturally, and to grow exceptionally flavorful and nutritious produce without the use of destructive pesticides, all part of our commitment to ecological integrity and growing superior fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

We have invested many years building our soil so it will consistently produce healthy plants. Healthy plants taste better and are able to essentially protect themselves from pathogenic bacteria, fungi, and insects. This largely eliminates the need for pesticides, organic or otherwise.

We use a wide variety of proven methods to “grow” our soil. We enrich our soils with green manure crops, rock dust, sea solids, compost, wood chips, leaves, ground covers, microbial inoculations, and amendments to correct imbalances, thus largely eliminating the need for toxic substances that may harm soil, animal, or human life.